IKO / International
Karate Organization

The International Karate Organization (IKO) and the Kyokushinkaikan follow the Karate way of building character,
and training the mind and body to contribute to society, based on Sosai Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin spirit:

“Keep your head low (modesty), eyes high (ambition), mouth shut (serenity);
base yourself on filial piety and benefit others.”

Kyokushin Karate West Los Angeles is an Official Branch of the International Karate Organization.

Teaching experience from Japan & the USA for over 30 years.

Teaching in West LA for over 20 years.
Kohtaroh Zushi vs Monet Garret
Shihan Takashi Hasegawa Ice-Breaking
Adult Class
U.S. Weight Category Karate Championships SORAKERI 2018
DOJO KUN (dojo oath)

With true vigor, we will seek to cultivate a spirit of self denial.

We will observe the rules of courtesy, respect our superiors, and refrain from violence.

We will follow our religous principles and never forget the true virtue of humility.

We will look upwards to wisdom and strength, not seeking other desires.

All our lives, through the discipline of Karate, we will seek to fulfill the true meaning of the Kyokushin Way.


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U.S. Weight Category Karate Championships 2019
Shihan with members at Beach Training 2018